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Rapid Test Centre Malta offers PCR test in St Julians for €130

The PCR Test is the worldwide reference test to diagnose and detect the Coronavirus’s presence in our body. Justified in cases of suspected symptoms of the disease.


PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test detects the RNA of the coronavirus. This is done via a nasopharyngeal sample from the back of the nose. It is the test that has been carried out the most so far in our country.

This test has a reliability greater than 90%. If it tests positive, it almost certainly confirms that you have the infection at the test time. It takes several hours to process.

PCR test malta

This test is done in our clinic in St Julians, in an exclusive and physically isolated space. Due to the test characteristics, the physician should be prescribed after the clinical and epidemiological examination.

Due to the subsequent medical follow-up of the contagion and the administrative implications, if it is positive (we have to inform Public Health). Prescriptions from external doctors are not admitted to Rapid Test Centre’s medical team.

– A Negative PCR result does not always mean the absence of the virus since it depends on the viral load of the sample obtained. Therefore, if the PCR is negative and there is a high suspicion of infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a new viral RNA collection should be recommended.

– If the PCR result is Positive, it is sure that there is a Covid infection. The incubation period of the Coronavirus is around 5-6 days, with the viral load rising from the beginning of the infection (Presymptomatic Phase) to the 7th day (Initial phase: approximately 1 to 7 days), Starting from the week of the first infection, IgM antibodies begin to appear, which is precisely when the amount of virus in the nasopharynx decreases and the PCR is used to make negative.


The tests’ reliability is defined according to two criteria: their specificity, that is, their ability to correctly detect SARS-CoV-2 and nothing else. And their sensitivity when it comes to detecting the virus even if there is only a very high quantity.

The specificity rate of PCR technology is 99%, so “false positives” are very rare. They also detect minimal concentrations, which makes it possible not to miss infected people.

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