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The Rapid Antigen Test can be performed easily and quickly using a nasal or throat swab.

An antigen test is quick – providing results in minutes. But it has a problem: It is much less sensitive than the PCR test.

A larger amount of virus is needed to be present for the test to be positive. This means that the antigen test can sometimes give a false negative, meaning that a negative result is not always reliable.

A positive result, suggesting that the virus is present, usually is reliable. However, false positives are also more likely with this test than with the PCR test.

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The “Antigen” tests are now making their way and are much easier to perform and use faster technologies that allow obtaining results, in some cases, in just 15 minutes.

This type of test also detects the presence of the virus at the time of the test. The rapid test has a much lower cost than PCR. And although it must also be carried out by healthcare personnel, it does not need a laboratory or special instrumentation since the sample is also extracted with a swab. A few drops of reagent are added (similar to the pregnancy test). The result appears in a few minutes.

Many researchers have already pointed out the usefulness of this type of test, which is cheaper and easier to detect infection in the earliest stages of the disease. When the viral load is higher, the benefits it can have in primary care services for almost immediate results. Practically continuous monitoring of healthcare personnel, nursing homes, or schools.


Although both the PCR test and the antigen test are approved by the Ministry of Health and the WHO to diagnose COVID, each one works better in certain cases. Because we remember that, what they do is detect the presence of the virus that causes COVID in our body.

The antigen tests for the diagnosis of COVID-19 are indicated in people with symptoms that correspond to a case with suspected COVID-19 and with less than a week of the evolution of symptoms started.

A positive antigen test result is considered accurate when instructions are followed carefully. But because there is the possibility of having a false result even if you are infected, your doctor may recommend a PCR test to confirm a negative antigen test result.

So, if you have less than a week with symptoms of COVID-19, an antigen test may be your option.

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